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Global Leaders Guide Thriving Healthcare Organizations

The globalization of healthcare creates distinctive challenges for organizations seeking new leadership, and exciting opportunities for candidates building international careers. U.S. organizations seek leaders with the capacity for global outreach, while institutions in other countries seek sophisticated leaders with experience in the United States and elsewhere as they establish progressive and modern healthcare systems.

Outstanding leaders with multicultural sensitivity and eagerness to develop international careers are hard to find. Witt/Kieffer’s international search team grasps the unique needs of each client, and addresses matters of importance to potential candidates, including considerations far less prominent in U.S. searches – language barriers, spousal employment, schools for children, distance from family and in some countries, safety and security. We build our global network of candidates as we seek those with the best leadership and cultural fit.

To further support clients on a global stage, Witt/Kieffer has joined with Australia-based Ccentric Group and launched a joint venture, Witt/Kieffer Ccentric, dedicated to serving the leadership needs of organizations in healthcare, academia and life sciences that help improve people’s lives. Witt/Kieffer Ccentric does this by searching globally for the best, most committed, and most creative executive, clinical and academic leadership talent.


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