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Three Strategies That Built One Health System's Culture of Growth
A look at how the role of chief strategy officer has helped a Tennessee-based health system to grow.
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10 Female Executives on How to Empower Younger Employees
Witt/Kieffer's Donna Padilla and other women executives advise younger professionals on how to find career success.
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How to Spot Fundraising Potential in Leadership Candidates
Can colleges and universities spot candidates who can raise funds, even if these skills are not on the CV? Suzanne Teer highlights what to look for.
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Candidacies Killed by a Typo
In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Witt/Kieffer's Dennis Barden examines how something as simple as a cover letter typo can divide a search committee, or help bring it to consensus.
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Why Doctors Make Good Healthcare CEOs
Physician executives are sought after as hospital and healthcare CEOs, says Witt/Kieffer's Kimberly Smith. She outlines reasons why, and what the organization should anticipate with a physician CEO.
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The Shifting World of AMC Deans and Department Chairs
As the academic medicine landscape evolves, the roles of deans and department chairs continue to expand, says Witt/Kieffer's Karen Otto.
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Phone Interviewing for Executives: Putting Your Strongest Voice Forward
The phone interview is often the most critical juncture in an executive's candidacy for a new position, notes Witt/Kieffer's Christopher Neumann. Here are his best practices.
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Executive Talent: Key Questions for Today's Healthcare HR Leaders
The way organizations are recruiting is changing in today's fiercely competitive marketplace. HR leaders discuss their recruiting and retaining strategies in this article.
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Leadership in the Face of Accelerating Change
Andrew Chastain explores why the leadership landscape is different today -- disruption is the norm -- and what good chief executives can do about it.
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Dennis Pullin: In Leadership, Passion Tops Perfection
Leaders don’t have to be perfect, believes Virtua Health CEO Dennis Pullin, FACHE, as long as they exhibit a genuine, unwavering commitment to peers, patients, and communities and pledge to learn and grow.
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